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Suite 1480, 885 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Guest Information

The Ins and Outs of Your Visit to WOODS

At WOODS on Pender we want your stay, and the process of getting here, to be as seamless and straightforward as possible. Please read through a few details to ensure a stress-free vacation.

Booking with WOODS


  • All reservations must be pre-paid by credit card.
  • 48 hour cancellation notice prior to arrival is required for the WOODS Motel. 
  • 30 days cancellation notice prior to arrival is required for Airstreams & Cabins.
  • A minimum night stay may be required during weekends, holidays, and special events—please see our accommodations page for more info.


  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Rates are quoted in Canadian Dollars and are subject to tax rates of 8% GST, 5% PST, 1% BC hotel tax and a 2% MRDT tax.
  • All accommodations have specific occupancy limits that are strictly adhered to. Check each unit for its maximum occupancy limits.
  • The guest counts for Adults and Children are determined based on size more than age.  A child is 12 and under.  Any guest over 12 is considered an Adult from a booking perspective.  Over 12 years old are teenagers and would have to be included in the Adult max guest counts.
  • Cancellations may be subject to an administration fee. 


Facilities & Amenities

Coffee + Kitchen Restaurant

Please visit to see business hours.

Getting to WOODS

BC Ferries is the typical method of getting to Pender Island. WOODS is approximately a 10 minute drive from the Otter Bay Ferry Terminal.

Lighting Taxi is available on Pender Island.  They have 2 electric cars and a larger electric Mercedes Sprinter Van.

Other options include car stops—formalized and legal hitchhiking stops—( 


Complimentary WiFi access is available throughout WOODS.

Each Accommodation Unit has a specific WiFi modem.  We will text you the WiFi for your particular unit.  Most have a QR code on the modem that you scan and it logs you in but not all are the same.

Network: Coffeekitchen
No Password Required

Ice Machine

Ice is available at the Coffee + Kitchen Restaurant.  Please text us if we are closed at the restaurant or when we are open, ask at the service counter.  Try to do it only during the day.


WOODS is situated on 7.3 acres of beautiful forested land adjacent to the tranquil Prior Centennial Provincial Park. WOODS features private and shared hot tubs, a restaurant, a greenhouse, outdoor recreation areas, and trails connecting to the Provincial Park and Heart Trail. Bocce, sets of disc golf discs and a some board games are available to loan out from Coffee + Kitchen.


Pender Island Amenities & Activities

Tourist Information and Brochures

A selection of brochures, maps, and information may be available at the Coffee + Kitchen Restaurant.  We also have a map on our website with the Pender highlights.

ATMs & Banks

Bank: Island Savings, 15-4605 Bedwell Harbour Road. 250-629-6238—no ATM machine
ATMs: Driftwood Service Station and Tru Value Foods

Doctor, Fire, or Emergency

Please see the emergency service numbers listed below.


Driftwood Mall Gas Station, 4605 Bedwell Harbour Road. 250-629-6839


Pender Island Golf & Country Club, 2305 Otter Bay Road. 250-629-6659

Groceries & Shopping

  • Driftwood Centre (Tru-Value Foods, Pender Bakery, Government Liquor Store), 4605 Bedwell Harbour Road
  • Medicine Beach Liquor Store, 5827 Schooner Way. 250-629-2024
  • Southridge Country Store, 3327 Port Washington Rd. 250-629-2051

Outdoor Activities

You’ll find no shortage of things to fill your days on Pender Island with the abundant outdoor and indoor activities available all year round. 




Smoking is prohibited inside all rental units and lodge rooms. Smoking in the accommodation units will result in a $250 room-cleaning charge.

Terms & Conditions

Please read through Terms & Conditions prior to your stay at WOODS.

Pet Policy

Please read through our full Pet Policy prior to your stay.


Security & Safety Procedures


  • Ensure your door is firmly locked when leaving your unit.
  • Do not leave keys in a place where they can be easily removed.
  • Do not leave valuables in your room or vehicle. Management cannot accept any responsibility for items lost or stolen from rooms or vehicles.

Fire Safety

  • Familiarize yourself with fire exits, alarms, and extinguishers.
  • If an alarm sounds or if instructed to evacuate, test your door for heat or smoke. If clear, go to the nearest exit stairwell.
  • If you must remain in the room, place wet towels under the door and tell the operator your number.
  • Turn off all air conditioners and stay low to the floor.

Water & Hiking Safety

  • Be aware that waves, submerged rocks, currents, and other conditions in bodies of water can present hidden dangers.
  • If you are travelling with small children, please remain with them at all times.
  • Avoid hiking or swimming alone and never stray from your group.
  • Stay on marked trails and always carry plenty of drinking water when hiking.


During an Earthquake:

  • If inside, cover your head and crouch under a table or in a corner away from windows and exterior walls.
  • If outside, seek an area away from power lines, trees, and buildings.

After an Earthquake:

  • Do not rush outside.
  • Do not use matches or lighters in case there is leaking natural gas.
  • Telephones should only be used for emergency calls.
  • Aftershocks can occur for several days following the initial quake and usually become less severe with time.

Emergency Services Numbers

  • RCMP/Police (Emergency) 911 or (Non-Emergency) 250-629-6171
  • Fire Department (Emergency) 911 or (Non-Emergency) 250-629-3321
  • Ambulance 250-629-6344
  • Medical Clinic 250-629-3233
  • Coast Guard 1-800-855-6655
  • Pharmacy 250-629-6555
  • Poison Control 1-800-567-8911