WOODS is situated on 7.3 acres of beautiful forested land on North Pender Island.  Pender Island enjoys a sub-Mediterranean climate with dry summers and mild winters.  32 ocean access points with fresh air and a rural quiet environment.  Hiking, kayaking, sitting in a hammock, roasting marshmallows, star gazing …



WOODS is the ideal get-a-way to enjoy the outdoors without straying too far from the comforts of civilization. Choose from 8 iconic Airstream trailers, the 9 room WOODS Motel, 3 Rustic Cabins, and 4 Bunkie Cabin Sleeping Pods (attached to Airstreams 4, 5, 6 and 7). All accommodations except for Airstream 8 are child and pet-friendly.  Airstream 8 is an adult only unit.

Experience the great outdoors with the promise of a warm and comfortable bed at the end of the day. All accommodation types are outfitted with comfortable beds, Fernwood Coffee, private bathrooms and fresh linens. An unforgettable camp experience, enjoy the tranquility, stunning scenery and wildlife of WOODS on Pender.

Photos by: WOODS on Pender & Rachael Barkman

Photos by: Local Wanderer & Jeremy van Nieuwkerk

Accommodation Amenities

WOODS is a place to escape the pressures of urban life and gaze at the stars from your deck and unwind. We are pleased to provide the following amenities to ensure your stay comfortable and enjoyable. (Amenities denoted by an “*” are in selected units)

  • Luxury latex and foam beds in Cabins/Airstreams
  • Casper mattresses in Bunkie Cabins
  • Beautyrest beds in Motel
  • Private entrances
  • Private cedar decks
  • Netflix in Cabins/Airstreams/Shasta*
  • Digital Cable T.V. in all units
  • DVD players Cabins/Airstreams & larger Motel rooms*
  • Microwave in Airstreams/Cabins/Shasta and larger Motel rooms*
  • Nespresso Machines in Motel
  • French presses with Fernwood Coffee in Airstreams/Cabins/Shasta*
  • Shared hot tub in Motel
  • Propane fire pit & BBQ in Cabins/Airstreams/Shasta
  • Private hot tubs Cabins 1, 2 and 3 – Airstreams 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7*
  • Double hammocks (Airstreams/Cabins/Shasta have a private one and 2 communal in Motel)*
  • Free wifi (Modems in each unit)
  • Fully equipped kitchenettes in Cabins*
  • Full kitchen in all Airstreams*
  • Propane cooktops in Airstreams/Shasta*
  • Refrigerators or bar fridges in all units
  • Propane fireplace in Cabins*
  • Showers & baths in all units*
  • Towels & luxury toiletries in all units
  • Bath robes in Airstreams & Cabins*
  • Lounge chairs in all Cabins/Airstreams/Shasta

*Accommodation amenities vary between each room / cabin / airstream.
Please see individual room descriptions for a specific overview of amenities.


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