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— The simple pleasures of nature in a modern camp aesthetic —


WOODS on Pender offers a unique, luxury camp experience on beautiful Pender Island. The property, situated on a tranquil wooded 7.3 acres, was previously the home of the Inn on Pender Island and Memories Restaurant. Completely renovated, expanded and revitalized in 2015, WOODS on Pender has become the ultimate modern camp experience; a beautiful juxtaposition of the rustic outdoors and the comfortable amenities of home. Just minutes from the Otter Bay Ferry Terminal and seaplanes, WOODS on Pender features the Coffee + Kitchen farm-to-table restaurant and 4 unique accommodation options – Airstreams, Rustic Cabins, Modern Bunkie Cabins and the WOODS Motel.  We have also recently added WOODS Massage Airstream with two full-time massage practitioners.

Escape the pressures of urban life and gaze up at the stars from your deck and unwind. Hammocks, fire pits, BBQ’s, Adirondacks – an unforgettable camp experience like you’ve never experienced before. Enjoy the tranquillity, stunning textures of the natural forest and wild deer at WOODS on Pender.

Photos Rachel Barkman


“When I think of wanderlust I automatically think Airstream. The iconic design, the history, the freedom of the open road with no specific destination in mind. That juxtapose of classic with modern.

For many of us that grew up in the 60’s and 70’s it was a part of our everyday culture. For Millennials there is a ‘back to nature’ trend and a desire for greater freedom, growing your own food, an awareness of your environmental impact, fresh air, and a sense of community and belonging.

The iconic symbols of that freedom and wanderlust bring us a deeper connection to those desires. That’s a big part of why we created WOODS.

It’s like summer camp with the things we love in the City but never got when we were at camp as kids like a hot shower and great food.

At WOODS we can do all the things we loved but ignore the things we only put up with.  We have a proper Whisky Sour, very few mosquitos, no bears or cougars and hot water.”

– Curtis Redel – Chief Concept Guy – now – WOODS Guy + WOODS Chef

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