The Grounds

— The simple pleasures of nature in a modern camp aesthetic —


WOODS is situated on 7.3 acres of beautiful forest adjacent to the tranquil Prior Centennial National Park and Campground. There are 7 hot tubs including a communal hot tub in WOODS Motel, 4 private red cedar tubs with the Airstreams and 2 private Soft Tubs in the Rustic cabins. There are several grass play areas including the restaurant front lawn, the fire pit lawn area at the top of the site and a smaller area next to the Excella and the Campsite.

We also have direct access into the Prior Centennial National Park and the 5/8 mile Heart Trail that connects to the Pender Disc Golf park and Magic Lake. We have bocce, lawn darts, croquet, horseshoes and other lawn games are available to sign out in Coffee + Kitchen.

Enjoy yourself with over 50 board games in our 2nd floor Games Lounge including Scrabble, Poker, Cards, Monopoly, Pictionary, Aggravation, Life, Crocinole, Cards Against Humanity and many more.

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Photos by: Local Wanderer & Jeremy van Nieuwkerk

Photos by: Jeremy van Nieuwkerk & Local Wanderer

Grounds Amenities

WOODS wanders through 7.3 acres of beautiful forest adjacent to the tranquil Prior Centennial Provincial Park. The grounds feature hammocks, hot tubs, restaurant, games room, outdoor recreation areas and trails connecting to the Provincial Park and Heart Trail.

  • Lawn darts
  • Cards & board games
  • Games room
  • Greenhouse
  • Outdoor recreation areas
  • Hiking trails

*Only one certain units. Please see our Accommodations page for more information.

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