Covid-19 Terms & Conditions (Updated May 7th)

Covid-19 Terms & Conditions (Updated May 7th)



WOODS on Pender follows the guidelines set by BC CDC, the Provincial Government, and the CRD, in conjunction with Vancouver Island Health Association (VIHA).  With the Covid-19 situation we closed on March 18th completely including Coffee + Kitchen, all lodging, and WOODS Massage.  We opened CAMP Truck on March 20th for take out only to locals.  This was under the guidelines set by BC CDC and the Ministry of Health that all sit down restaurants were to close and were allowed to do take out only.  Social distancing requirements were, and remain, in place.

We are closely monitoring the BC CDC guidelines for our reopening date.  BC Ferries also banned all non-essential travel over the past few weeks since the Easter weekend.  When the BC CDC and BC Ferries allow our guests to return, we will announce it.  Currently it seems June 1st will be the reopening date and our booking system is current active from June 1st onward.

COVID-19 Positive Guests: 

We ask that anyone that is positive or showing any Covid-19 symptoms to stay at home and don’t come to WOODS.  If you test positive after you make a booking we can cancel and refund your booking with no charge.


As a small island with an aged population we and our guests must always respect the islands residents that may have reservations about visitors and tourists during this current situation. Social distancing is required at least until the BC CDC lifts that requirement.  There are lots of open spaces around Pender.  Please make sure you bring food to cook if you are cooking at least for the month of June.  

We will have CAMP Truck open on weekends with lots of take out options and there will be several other food venues also open for take out.  There is also a pizza restaurant close by that delivers.  Until the social distancing requirements are lifted, we won’t have as many resources on site as normal for food and beverage so it would be recommended to bring that with you or ask us and we can provide items if you need them.  We will have wines for purchase and ciders. There are also two liquor stores on the Island both very close by. 


What it will look like when we reopen:

Guest Checkins: 

Checkin time will be extended to 4pm to accommodate extra cleaning times.  We will try to accommodate earlier checkins when available. Please text us the day before arrival to see if this is available.

We will meet you outside Coffee + Kitchen and give you the required information you need.  We will not be doing check ins within Coffee + Kitchen like we usually do until further notice.  We will adjust as the BC CDC requirements are updated.  You can text us on the Resort Phone 250-629-3353 when you are arriving and we will meet you outside Coffee + Kitchen.

Staff interaction:

Once they are cleaned and the guest arrives for check in there will be with social distancing in place.  We will be cleaning with disposable gloves and once you are checked in you will be on your own and no staff will enter your unit unless in a case of emergency or a problem with the unit.  We will be doing check-ins digitally and orientations will be done with social distancing at the unit once you arrive with ONE person from your group.


All units will be cleaned in between guests with disinfectants wiping down all obvious touch points.  Please continue to wash your hands, not touch your face and avoid too much contact with common touch points when possible.  We assume all guests are using this type of practice while at WOODS. Guest are expected to adhere to the BC CDC guidelines of social distancing which will be updated as we know more. If a guest ignores this guidance they will be asked to leave.

Pets must be on leash while on the Resort at all times.  All guests are responsible for clean up after their pets.

Coffee + Kitchen: 

Will not reopen until at least July 1st or when the social distancing requirements are relaxed.  The premises will be off limits to any guests only staff until further notice.

CAMP Truck:

Will continue to operate Friday to Sunday for take out only.  Menus are posted on the CAMP Truck Facebook Page and on the CAMP Truck Instagram page.  So far only Friday to Sunday but it will change when we know we are opening again and guests are onsite.

WOODS Massage:  

Will only open when the social distancing requirements are lifted and the BC CDC allows massage services.  We will update as we get more information.

Airstreams and Cabins: 

They are all separated and qualify for social distancing requirements.  They are also mostly outdoors and from a risk point of view are very low for virus transmission and/or residual touch points.  The Hot Tubs are treated and tested with Bromine and are at 104 degrees.  The Virus, based on the BC CDC ADVICE cannot survive with Bromine and the 104 degree temperature.  The use of the private hot tubs will be at the own risk of the guests.  They can chose to use them or not based on their own level of comfort but they will be wiped with alcohol and sprayed on the outside and the water tested between each guest.  

Here is a link with information about Water and Hot Tubs for Covid-19 (Link)

WOODS Motel: 

All the rooms have outdoor entrances and all common areas are outdoors which is much lower risk than indoor common areas.  The Hot Tub will be closed off until further notice.  It is governed by VIHA and is mandated to be shut down because it is for common use.  Staff cleaning will NOT be done each day only before and in between guest stays.  if you need something while you are onsite, text us on the resort phone and we can drop off to you outside.

BC Ferries:

We recommend making a reservation and remaining in your vehicle when on the ferry.  it is respectful to staff and a current requirement.  Check with their website for further updates.  The normal requirement of leaving your vehicle on lower decks has been relaxed for now.  Please check and make a reservation to make sure the ferry connected to your booking is available.

We all need to get back to enjoying nature and WOODS and want to make sure all of our guests, staff, and local residents stay safe and relaxed.

Thanks, WOODS on Pender Team