CAMP Truck

Fresh Local To-Go Breakfast and Lunch at the WOODS on Pender Resort.

    CAMP Truck

  • Location

    On the lawn in front of Coffee + Kitchen

  • Hours

    Monday to Friday (May 2020 to Sept 2020)

  • Contact

  • Menu

    Fresh local farm to truck food

Healthy + Savoury + Sweet

CAMP Truck | Food Truck at WOODS on Pender

NOTE: September 19th we will be closing CAMP Truck for the season but will still be open in the Coffee + Kitchen restaurant daytimes Friday to Sunday 9am to 2pm.  We will reopen CAMP Truck in May 2020 to the end of September 2020.

At CAMP Truck, we aim to enhance your outdoor experience with natural, organic food to-go as you explore Pender Island’s serenity and calmness.

With an evolving menu using only the freshest ingredients, CAMP Truck prepares healthy, flavour packed breakfast and lunch options to keep you going on your adventures. We cater for all needs with a menu that includes bowls + sandwiches, to drinks + desserts.

Guests + Locals + Anyone Else

Not just open to WOODS on Pender guests, CAMP Truck is open to all those on the island. With a communal outdoor seating area and a convenient grab and go parking stall, you’re assured a true CAMP experience whether your are on the fly or at a leisurely relaxed pace.

Instagram for all the latest info: @theCAMPTruck

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